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Animal Roster

Malaysian Blood Python - Vladimir - Incredibly stocky and strikingly patterned.

Albino Burmese Python - Neon - 12 ft. brilliant yellow pattern - a huge favorite with audiences of all ages and sizes.  
Gentle, patient and beautiful.

Black and White Tegu - Capone - A huge and amazing lizard from Argentina.   Even people who really hate snakes love Capone.   Roams freely in our house.   Even does a trick!

Argentine Rainbow Boa - Jose - Refractive scales make this beautiful snake give off rainbows in direct sunlight.   The name is pronounced the way it would be throughout Latin America, but when surprised by him, people sometimes pronounce it the other way.

Mexican Boa - Mr. Happy - A real showboat but harmless, he is the reason I donīt need venomous animals to discuss viper behavior.  "Hereīs how a venomous snake acts..." Strikes dramatically on cue!

Amazon Tree Boa - 3 ft. Does an amazing imitation of a vine and of a venomous tree viper.

Rubber Boa - 1 ft. Small but cute.

Jungle Carpet Python - Aussie - A beautiful arboreal species from Australia.

Ball Pythons - The worldīs least aggressive type of python.   Max length for this species is only 5 ft.  
Great with kids (and phobic adults).

Coastal Rosy Boa - Not all boas are from exotic locations.   This one's from Southern California!

Pueblan Milk Snake - Beautiful mimic of the Texas Coral Snake.   Red and Black, donīt have an attack...

Huachuca Mountain Kingsnake - 2 ft. Another incredibly striking tri-color Coral Snake mimic.  
This one is from the Huachuca Mountains of Southeast Arizona.

Texas Rat Snake - Rattlesnake mimic extremely common in my neck of the woods.   Locally called a "Chicken Snake" and usually mistaken for venomous.   Hisses, strikes, even rattles its tail.   Thereīs no actual rattle there of course, but in the leaves or twigs it can sound just like the real thing.   The big irony: One dead Texas Rat Snake = 300 live Texas Rats.   Moral: Donīt run for the hoe.

Black Milk Snake - An amazing transformation as it grows older and one of the largest milk snake species on earth.

Northern Pacific Gopher Snake - Feisty little guy from the Bay area.

Bull Snakes - Big and full of bluster.  An amazing mimic of two different rattlesnake behaviours.

Pine Snake - another American classic with a feisty attitude.

List may vary slightly, and the appearance of specific animals for programs is subject to individual feeding and shedding cycles.

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