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The Snake Encounters show is uniquely suited to the kinds of audiences these events draw.  The bigger and more diverse the crowd, the more electric the response will always be.

The only animals that can snare public attention anywhere near as effectively as snakes would be big cats - and the logistics can be tough to say the least.  Snakes, on the other hand, are easily contained, allow for actual human contact in controlled situations and do not require a quiet environment to remain under control.   Snakes have no ears!

Every other kind of animal show must deal with the effects of loud and sometimes sudden noises, common to fairs and festivals, on the demeanor of their critters - sometimes with results that make the evening news, or even "scariest moments" TV shows.

Snake Encounters has a perfect 19-year safety record.   There has never been a single incident any worse than an audience member being the recipient of a snake poop moment (which is rare because snakes don't eat every day.)

Comedy and high-quality magic make this sometimes scary subject easy to digest - even for folks who have carried a lifelong and often debilitating fear.  It's highly educational, but the crowd really has too much fun to notice.

Most of the widely held "wisdom," passed down for generations about snakes, is just completely wrong.   The way Daryl does it, the public's discovery of these misnomers is downright hilarious.

Fast-paced and full of surprises, the show progresses from smaller to larger - leading to a big finale that leaves them roaring.

Nothing venomous is currently in the show, but a couple of the snakes look dangerous and a couple more act like venomous vipers.   It's all of the excitement with none of the risks that other animal shows can sometimes represent.

Daryl makes the story topical to the local region, as species vary widely from one area of the country to the next.   As Senior Field Herpetologist for Snake Removal, the only nationwide company specializing exclusively in snake problems, he has traveled extensively coast to coast on large commercial inspections, and is a recognized expert on the snakes of the United States.

Locality-specific humor is always a welcome tie-in with audiences, and Daryl's good at it.  He's very media savvy, and always a major team player when it comes to promotional appearances.   He'll even cross-sell your other attractions (and your event as a whole) during the performances.  Got sponsors?   He'll portray them (and their reps if they like) as big heroes too.   They'll love it.

The magic in the show is riveting, with a completely different wrinkle than your crowds will have ever seen, due to the subject matter at hand.   It's an all around fun and entertaining experience for the whole family.   Responses are HUGE.

All Snake Encounters needs is a shaded stage at least 10'x12'x1' high.   The boxes with the animals and props don't take up much space, and a 6' or 8' table is helpful but not absolutely necessary.

A pipe and drape backstage area of about 6' x 8' is also required, and it must be possible, with either radiant or forced air heat, to maintain the performance and backstage areas above 70 degrees Fahrenheit on chilly days.

Professional sound system provided with the show.

The more seating you provide, the bigger the crowds will be - and the more electric the response.   Be sure to allow for standing room in back and a spot down front for the little ones to sit on the ground if they like.   If grandstands are unavailable, consider semi-circles of bales of hay.   Covered with thick plastic or tarps, they're cheap, comfortable and almost completely weatherproof.

If you have a main stage that will have other acts performing, the snake show can easily be fitted in between with little or no change to the stage setup.   It makes an excellent warm-up act for a big music act or other name brand stage attraction.

No one anywhere is doing a show like this one.   It's that unique - and so is Daryl.

Act now. Dates are booking fast.

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