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Daryl has always loved museums, and there is a special place in his heart for Science, Natural History and Children’s Museums.   In his view, they represent our best hope for keeping the wonder alive in developing minds of kids of all ages.   As Einstein said, “The fairest thing we can experience is the mysterious.   It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science.   He who knows it not and can no longer wonder, no longer feel amazement…

The mind is a lot like a muscle, requiring exercise for peak performance.   These museums are like a playground, amusement park and health club for the human brain – all rolled into one.

Daryl’s museum shows are a large-format version of the hugely popular Snake Encounters presentation, with an emphasis on education (while keeping it too much fun for the crowd to notice that part) and a proven success rate in support of museum goals.   Media promotions, gift shop sales support and team-player attitude have meant new memberships and
increased revenues follow this show wherever it plays.

Filled with magic, comedy, excitement, storytelling – and lots of amazing snakes, it’s a dynamic experience with something for everyone.   Very kid friendly, of course, but grownups tend to make glowing comments about how entertained and educated they were, too.

To date, Snake Encounters appearances have included the following, most of them more than once:

Gulf Coast Exploreum, Mobile, AL
Discovery Science Center, Santa Ana CA
International Museum of Art and Science, McAllen TX
The Science Place, Dallas TX
Sci-Quest, Huntsville AL
Dallas Museum of Natural History
Science Spectrum, Lubbock TX
Louisiana Art and Science Museum, Baton Rouge, LA
Houston Museum of Natural Science
Discovery Science Place, Tyler, TX
Museum of Nature and Science, Dallas, TX

Pictures from one of the museum shows: Discovery Science Center

Daryl’s experiences inspired him to compile a free report, “Seven Secrets to Making a Science Museum Event Unforgettable – and Profitable” which can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking here.

Get Adobe Reader here.

"Daryl takes his show to a level few can reach.   Not only is it the most educational animal show we have ever had, but more entertaining and exciting than our visitors would have ever expected!
Daryl's participation in our annual "Critterfest" event helped set new records in attendance, sales, and membership."

James Nesmith
Science Spectrum Museum  /  OMNI Theater
Lubbock, TX

Having the Snake Encounters event at The Discovery Science Place was very rejuvenating for our market.  Daryl's willingness to become a part of our team allowed us to put together a pre-event promotional program that made all the difference in our two-day event.  The educational message of the show delivered with his classic comic-wit made the event a huge success.
We definitely plan to have him back.

Vel Williamson
Director of Marketing
Discovery Science Place

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