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November 08, 2002

Taking stock in 'Shock':   It's merely strange

By Jerry Fink

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"Shock" may be too strong a title for this unorthodox revue being showcased
at the Riviera's Le Bistro Theatre.

Better names might be "Strange" or "Ick!"

There is nothing truly shocking about the routines of the performers who
make up the cast of "Shock," which has the flavor of a carnival or circus

But there are some strange things that pleased a recent late-night
audience, including a comedic herpetologist ("No, it's not the study of
herpes"), a sword swallower ("And now, I could die"), a contortionist
(singing "Bend Me, Shape Me") and a comedic magician emcee.

On the other hand, I couldn't take my eyes off Darryl Sprout and his cast
of boas, anacondas and other varieties of snakes.  Sprout may be the only
stand-up comic snake handler in the world.  Not only was his show humorous,
it was educational.

"There's no such thing as poisonous snakes," Sprout pointed out.  "If a
snake is venomous, I'm in trouble if he bites me.  If he's poisonous I'm in
trouble if I bite him.  Snakes are not poisonous.  Snakes taste like

The only problem with Sprout's routine was that he took a little too long.
But who's going to rush a man holding a python?

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