Snake Encounters

Daryl has made parties perfect for many age groups and many different events.   Great birthday party fun for kids as young as three but delivered to the right age level for older kids and even adults.   One man's 60th birthday was one of Daryl's appearances.   He loved animals but was afraid of snakes, and he didn't find out what kind of animal show it was to be until Daryl began the presentation.   Later that evening he was proudly posing with a large snake and proclaiming the experience the perfect birthday present.

Corporate parties and social events, religious celebrations and more who needed to find something really different have found it in Snake Encounters.

Daryl has a perfect 20-year safety record and always guarantees a big hit.  The usual roster of snakes includes 14 different animals from around the world.   All are unique and beautiful in their own individual way.

Guests of honor become the stars of the show at more than one point, and there is a hands-on and photo-op time after the presentation.  You'll want lots of film (or digital memory) as you'll get some of the most memorable facial expressions you'll ever see.   Grownups who watch the show at kids parties will find much to laugh and learn about.   From kindergarten to senior groups, Snake Encounters has entertained them all.

Your loved one will only be at this point in his or her life once, and if you want it to be truly unforgettable, call Daryl.


Just wanted to let you know what a big success you and your "entourage" were Friday night!   The boys couldn't stop talking about how awesome the snakes were.   I have to admit they were quite beautiful and except for that hissie one, very friendly.   I will regard snakes differently from now on, and I promise never to intentionally run over one with my car.   I am recommending Snake Encounters to everyone at work.   It was fun, educational, and very very entertaining!
Joyce Rains.

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