Snake Encounters

"I would like to recommend Daryl at Snake Encounters as an excellent motivational speaker for helping students get motivated to take State Tests.   We have had some problems getting kids interested in taking the end of year tests that our state requires, and we decided to try a motivational speaker.

Daryl's use of snakes immediately grabbed my attention because I realized this would grab our student's attention.
I was not wrong.   There was an anticipation for two days before the show that was unmatched of any assembly we have ever had.   Students were going to the Snake Encounters web site and learning about the different snakes that were going to be part of the show.

During the show the students were glued to the presentation and that made it easy for Daryl to talk to the students about overcoming their fear of taking tests and the fear of failure in general.   He talked to the kids about overcoming their fear of snakes and how they could use this same approach in overcoming their fear of failure in taking tests.

Our principal was pulled out of the audience and had a snake encounter of his own.
The message: if he can overcome his fear of snakes, then you can overcome your fears.   Our principal said that this was one of the best assemblies he had ever seen at our school."

Bob Herbst
Guidance Counselor
Sarcoxie High School

August 22, 2006

As Curator of The Living Materials Center, I have known Daryl Sprout for twenty years through our mutual interest in the study of herpetology.  I have always admired his dedication to any endeavor he has undertaken, and his genuine concern for the welfare of not only reptiles, but all forms of wildlife.

I have witnessed his presentations with live reptiles on numerous occasions.  He has always impressed me with his safety in handling techniques, knowledge of the animals, and professionalism when dealing with the public.  Daryl's prowess with comic timing and prestidigitation entertains as he educates.  His communication skills are exceptional with both young and old.

Daryl has appeared on my cable show often and is very comfortable with the media and with groups of all ages and sizes. 
His dealings with wildlife are always humane and in the best interest of the animals concerned.  I would highly recommend Daryl for presentations to all types of audiences.

Daryl has also established himself as very knowledgeable in the area of animal behavior and I frequently refer his company "Snake Encounters" to organizations and individuals when there is a reptile concern.

Jim Dunlap
Plano Independent School District
Living Materials Center

Daryl Sprout's Snake Encouters is one of the most exciting live animal programs I have ever seen.   He brings his outstanding humor and balanced education to students throughout North Texas.  Over the last five years, Daryl has dazzled thousands of students at Winston Science sharing his enthusiasm for snakes, and teaching others to appreciate them.  His wonderful demeanor enables students of all ages to approach snakes with a new understanding.  It is truly amazing to see the priceless expressions on the faces of young people having an opportunity to hold a snake for the first time.

I highly recommend this program for any event where you want to combine both fun and learning.

Lehman Marks, PhD
Winston Science
The Winston School
Dallas, TX

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