Snake Encounters History
(Established in 1993)

After many years of doing talks at the Dallas Nature Center, word of mouth grew to the point that Daryl began Snake Encounters in 1993 to address the need for an accessible entity for the general public. It was established to provide education on the subject of snakes humorously and entertainingly - to dispel myths, help audience members overcome the phobia, and to help guide the rapidly growing hobby of informed and responsible herpetoculture.

Meet the Business Owner

Daryl Sprout is a noted and experienced Herpetological Humorist. As the owner of Snake Encounters, he has over 18 years under his belt, doing live presentations for corporate events, parties, museums, libraries, schools, and Animal Planet promotional functions. With an extensive background on the stage, he's an experienced actor, speaker, and comedian as well as an accomplished magician.