Snake Entertainment

Our educational snake entertainment shows are filled with facts and fun that you’ll never forget! Bring your whole family to learn with excitement about these beautiful, complex, and misunderstood animals. This cross between stand-up comedy and animal exposure is guaranteed to be hit for the animal lover in your life.

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Reptile Parties

Want to make a special day even better? Our animal parties are a unique experience, bringing you up close and personal with a variety of animals that you and your guests may never see in person again! Daryl's show is so reputable, the kids he hosted when he first got started are now bringing THEIR kids to see him!

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Overcoming Phobias

Snakes and other animals have gotten a bad rap over the years, mostly due to a widespread lack of familiarity with them. With our years of experience, our team knows how to confidently and gently help people overcome their phobias of a range of animals.  The fear of snakes is one of the most common learned fears - Daryl has a better track record than any shrink due to his approach. He believes this method cross-applies to fear of anything. It changes your life.

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Snake Removal

Not all snake removal services are humane in their process. Our process is simple, we remove the snake quickly while having the least interference we can in both of your lives. Consultations take 30-45 minutes and must be done over the phone. The most beneficial thing to do is take out your camera and get a picture of the snake - Daryl will identify it for free! Most snakes are harmless and beneficial for the environment. Phone guided removal also available for a lower fee!

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