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Snake Encounters has decades of experience bringing a lasting WOW factor to Conventions, Fairs, Festivals, Trade Shows and Science Museums. The shows work brilliantly for crowds, small to quite large, with Daryl’s seasoned stage presence, comedic timing and cutting-edge magic skills creating a lasting impression. Growing up on and around the stage, Daryl took on his first acting role at the age of seven - the same year, he bonded with his first snake. The art of entertaining is in his blood, and the energy is electric when he brings this experience to your special event.

The show is a fast-paced, informative, engaging, and frequently hilarious romp through an amazing cast of a wide range of colors, patterns, and origins. It’s also quite inspirational, instilling a deeper sense of wonder for our natural world, and a deeper sense of caring for the myriad creatures we share it with - especially the ones we may have been taught to fear. Daryl plays with this fear in a very disarming way (all of his scary, turns out to be funny). This, plus all of his myth-dispelling information about the topic, makes even lifelong phobias melt like ice on a warm day.

Which leads to another application for this work: Motivational and Team-Building Presentations. Nothing is more empowering than overcoming a phobia. Daryl knows this firsthand, as a lifelong struggle with debilitating spheksophobia (wasps) is something he finally saw through, and worked out the process of facing down. He shares this personal story, and acknowledges that everyone is afraid of something: Public speaking, cold-calling, deadline anxieties, failure to reach goals - and creatures we don't fully understand. Seeing through that from the perspective of ophidiophobia (snakes) cross-applied, ripples through the audience to create a shared awakening. And nothing is more motivational or team-building than that.

For Conventions and Trade Shows, in addition to the stage performance option, strolling with friendly animals throughout the exhibit floor is also very popular and unparalleled for drawing traffic to the booth. Daryl also rides around the event on a Ninebot Mini-Pro by Segway, pushing a 4-wheeler full of snakes for crowd interaction and photo-ops, which is always a huge crowd pleaser. Whatever option you choose, you’ll find Daryl to be impeccably professional, reliable, and easy to work with. Your audience will find the experience to be mind expanding, indelible and thoroughly unforgettable.
Want your company to be a hero in the hearts of wide-eyed kids? Sponsor a show for a School, Library or Scout Pack. Send a Rep and/or Materials, Daryl will highlight your company as the reason they got to see The Snake Wizard!

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