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These past few years have brought unexpected changes for all of us. I have adapted my shows and educational presentations accordingly, adding Virtual Shows to my Repertoire.

This past year, I've continued to tour with the magical menagerie. I've also just joined TikTok, where I will adding weekly Clips plus a new YouTube Channel. Stay tuned!

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All shows are custom designed and catered to your needs. Please feel free to call to discuss how I can help make your Event Unforgettable and Extraordinary! Reasonable rates and careful, professional planning will provide you the peace-of-mind that you desire.

The Snake Wizard

Snake Encounters
TCU's Magic Season
& The Hypnotoad!

On 10/26/19, I was hired to work a TCU vs UT Football Game. I assisted & taught their head cheerleader how to work with my 14ft 90lb snake, Brittney Spears style, for a big production at the beginning of the 4th quarter. This involved all of the cheerleaders, drill team, mascot, stilt walkers, acrobatic maneuvers, the works.

The game was broadcast on ESPN. They originally told me to stay back by the goalpost, off camera, but the head cheerleader said, "OHN, Daryl will be beside me while I walk & step up & down from the platform carrying all this moving weight." Good call on her part.

Meanwhile, there was time between rehearsal & the game, so I was "backstage" in the locker room complex, interacting with the whole cast, because when I bring my big animal, I always bring more, so people can take pics with them. They are always a big hit & we can work our magic on anyone. The security team were the slowest to get past the fear, but they all did.

The mascot was a great guy and we talked quite a bit. I said, "You know, the suit you're wearing (I'd been in one for a Dude Perfect episode & I knew the resilience that his job entailed) represents an animal that's actually called The Texas Horned Lizard. Colloquially known, as a Horned Toad (or Horney Toad). We laughed about how much less fun "GO FROGS!" would be if it were to become "Go Lizards!" or worse, "Go Toads!"

Then I showed him an image, which I later made into this meme. An ACTUAL Horned Frog, native to South America. We laughed again about what THAT would make his mascot outfit look like (think Jabba the Hut) but then I said, "What does this animal remind you of?" & then, "Have you ever watched Futurama?" His eyes got wide... "Hypnotoad!!" This became a running joke & we all talked about it while everyone was holding the snakes.

Fast forward to this fairy-tale season that took the TCU Horned Frogs all the way to the National Championship Game against the much-favored Georgia Bulldawgs and, unbeknownst to me, they have, since 2019, EMBRACED the Hypnotoad! They can't use it too officially (Disney owns Futurama) but the creator of the show has given the phenomenon his blessing, plus the team & fans have CREDITED Hypnotoad with boosting their success!
All Glory to The Hypnotoad!