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For Summer Reading Programs or Winter Break events, Snake Encounters has a long history of bringing lasting amazement to libraries. Super educational, but the crowd has too much fun to notice. Which is especially good, because kids on a break from school aren’t really going to the library for more school. Daryl has always loved libraries (the story of why he does this show highlights a library where he first began to compile the knowledge he brings to this experience) and is very impressed with how they have grown with the changing world and become an even more critical resource for their communities.

The show is a wild, fast-paced romp through the wonderful world of snakes and other reptiles, going into all kinds of fascinating detail, including the dispelling of many myths and misunderstandings. The comedy and magic are topical to the theme, and help Daryl tell the tale that leaves them inspired to read more about it. His love of libraries shines through, and many have booked him year after year for decades. Kids, parents, and staff who have a fear of snakes, leave this experience without it. Overcoming a phobia, with humor and knowledge, is incredibly empowering, and Daryl cross-applies that wisdom to other learned fears.

And whatever your reading program theme or goal is for this year, this show will generate excitement and encourage participation.
Future event or other announcements? Give Daryl a list, and he’ll work them into the end of the presentation. Snake Encounters will live up to any level of hype you give it, and is known for drawing crowds that exceed the official capacity of the room. But don’t worry. The Fire Marshall never comes to the snake show.

At the end, Daryl always over delivers, staying longer than performers you’re probably used to, because he likes to let the audience interact with his gentlest and most patient animals. It’s the proverbial icing on the cake of what is always an unforgettable experience.
Everyone will leave loving their library more than ever.
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