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For Assemblies, PTA meetings, Class Parties - Snake Encounters is deeply educational, but the kids will have too much fun to notice. There are so many misconceptions and wrong assumptions that often pass down from generation to generation, that learning the truth can be genuinely enlightening, opening new doors to understanding and wonder. There is no topic that carries a more visceral connection, as the common myths about snakes can inspire dread. Plus, the resulting misinterpretations of live encounters in the wild, leads to an outright phobia. In this case, the term is Ophidiophobia. No one has a better track record helping people overcome it, than Daryl. The cure for fear, is knowledge. Understanding. Framed in relevant funny moments and punctuated with topical magic, they dawn organically, and fear melts like ice on a warm day.

So the show will be funny, and exciting, and scary (all of Daryl’s scary, turns out to be funny) but it will also be moving, thought-provoking, and unforgettable. Students will learn oodles of Life Science, including places in the food chain, and why they’re all important and interdependent. They’ll learn conservation and living in harmony with nature. They’ll go home with a renewed respect for it. And inevitably, a few budding young herpetologists will emerge. Almost all of them will go home ready to help me stop people from killing wildlife that they don’t understand.

These shows work great for larger crowds. The more the merrier, though for big groups, multiple shows divided by age allow tailoring the delivery to them, but big mixed groups can be accommodated. Daryl encourages a hands-on experience, so in a classroom setting there will be interaction time, but even with a large audience, they can file out on either side of a table where I have Neon, my 14ft puppy dog of a big yellow python, that they can meet and pet, on the way out.

They are also brilliant as achievement reward shows for the end of semester, spring break, or the end of the school year. And if you have any notable supporters of your school, suggest that they sponsor an appearance. Daryl will make them a very big hero for being the reason that the Snake Wizard came to visit. This experience leaves a lifelong impression that adults love to reminisce about, because they were the wide-eyed students, back in the day.

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