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Scouts are some of this show’s most rabid fans. Expect your crowd to be loud, raucous and laser focused. Daryl was himself a scout, and credits some of what he became to the experience. Scouting is one of the last remaining organizations that actively encourages discovery of, and interaction with, the natural world. In places where there are no USB ports, scouts learn camping. hiking and cooking skills. As the world becomes increasingly technocentric, this becomes ever more crucial. Learning how to pitch a tent, tie knots, find and chop firewood, build a fire, cook over it - these experiences are priceless.

Across Texas, Snake Encounters has been a go-to show for packs and troops, many booking year after year. It’s always highly educational, but the crowd has too much fun to notice. And that is exactly why it works so well. Many times a scout who saw the show the previous year has remembered surprising details and can’t wait to have the answer when a question is posed the following year.

Generally, Scoutmasters will book Snake Encounters for either the annual Blue and Gold Banquet, or the annual Recruitment Meeting. For the banquet, it’s a great way to celebrate with unforgettably fun entertainment on the big night. And for recruiting, it has an amazing way of convincing kids and parents (that are on the fence about joining) that scouting is going to be FUN. Daryl’s tales of his own adventures and what scouting meant to him are very much a catalyst for that effect.

Want to be a pack or troop’s hero? Book this show for your next banquet, meeting or campout! The experience is unforgettable, and they’ll come away with renewed wonder and respect for our natural world, and a heightened excitement about scouting.

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