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Snake Encounters was born in the early nineties when Daryl was asked by The Dallas Nature Center (now the Cedar Ridge Audubon Preserve) to do a presentation about snakes. They had a few slithering serpents of their own, but no expert on staff for the job. He borrowed a few more from trusted keepers, and brought his own background in comedy, public speaking, and education to the table. It was very well received and three moms asked if he’d bring this experience to their kid’s birthday celebration. Daryl has been making parties unforgettable ever since. These days, parents are booking him to do their children’s celebration, because THEY were the birthday kid, back in the day.

The party's guest of honor is the star of the show at several points, and even the most phobic parents, always have fun too. It’s a wild ride through LOTS of different snakes from all around the world. Most of them are patient enough for the most excited child, or the most petrified grownup. In fact, all of Daryl’s “scary” - turns out to be funny. The comedy and magic help him tell the tale that leaves them with a greater understanding and sense of wonder about reptiles’ critical role in our increasingly fragile ecosystems. Many become warriors for conservation of wildlife.

The shows comes in two formats, One, the original, is best suited to groups, and the more the merrier. This Comedy Magic Snake Show is always a big hit that no one forgets, guaranteed! It’s usually a 45-minute show, followed by 15 minutes of touch-and-hold, photo-op time.
The other is The Immersive Experience, and is better for families or an intimate group of close friends. This one includes the comedy and magic, but they are complementary and incidental to the experience itself, which is all hands-on, photo-op time. Daryl leaves the few animals that can’t be touched or held behind, and brings all the patient, friendly ones. Each animal is introduced, discussed a bit, and handed to the guest of honor. After that initial bonding, he introduces the next one, and the guest of honor passes, with gentle instruction, the first one to another guest, and so on, until they've all bonded with every animal. Very immersive, very moving - and quite profound.

Special situation parties can usually be accommodated, but it’s important to know that the performance or walkaround area must be possible to maintain within a temperature range of 65-85F for the health of the animals.
Theme parties often book Daryl for yet another format: These are usually larger events that won’t fit the “everybody stop and watch this show” format. Instead, Daryl either sets up a station that anyone can visit, or does walkaround, letting friendly snakes interact with guests, answering questions, and sharing amazing stories. Epic Photo ops abound! Even if there are other performers, your guests will always leave talking about The Snake Wizard, and his unforgettable animals.

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